Our Story

The Beginnings

Feb 03, 2015

The development of an internal currency conversion API quickly led to the launch of a new company entirely dedicated to building great APIs for the public.

currencylayer API

May 13, 2015

Launch of our first API, a simple JSON-based REST interface built to provide real-time exchange rate data.

screenshotlayer API

Jun 02, 2015

Launch of the screenshotlayer API, an easy-to-use and powerful REST API enabling website screenshot automation.

vatlayer API

Jan 16, 2015

Launch of the vatlayer API, a simple REST-based JSON API enabling instant VAT number validation & EU VAT rates.

mailboxlayer API

Aug 13, 2015

Launch of the mailboxlayer API, a free, simple & powerful JSON API for email address validation & verification.

numverify API

Sep 16, 2015

Launch of the numverify API, a powerful JSON API for international and national phone number validation & lookup.

giflayer API

Oct 27, 2015

Launch of the giflayer API, the first and only REST API offering powerful Video to GIF conversion.

languagelayer API

Dec 28, 2015

Launch of the languagelayer API, an AI-based language detection API for 173 world languages.

pdflayer API

Feb 7, 2016

Launch of the pdflayer API, a simple, cost-effective and high quality URL & HTML to PDF API.

Our team is currently working on our next API product - stay posted on updates by following us on Twitter.

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